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To me, spring means fiddleheads poking out of riverbanks to be the first to see the sun. I have so many great memories of picking up fiddleheads with my dad that it was crucial to incorporate a FOUGÈRE (fiddlehead in french) in my spring collection. 


Gardnished with an amber faceted glass, this piece is perfectly balanced with different shades and textures of green and ochre. The texture of the clear glass mimics raindrops falling. Each shape is hand cut and sanded and then soldered with 60% tin 40 % lead and lead came. The metal is polished to achieve a shiny look and treated to give its dark black colour.


This item comes with a black chain and will hang about 5 inches from point of attachement. Other hanging items are not included.


8 1/2 inches by 17  inches approximately



If you'd like a custom lenght for the chain, please leave a note at checkout. 


Made in New Brunswick, Canada. Each piece is designed by


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    Please allow 3-5 business days from purchased date. It will ship through Canada Post and you will be notified via email.

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