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This listing is for ONE  Snowtop mountain, please choose your desired colour.  


Each piece of glass is hand cut and sanded. The final piece is  soldered with 60% tin 40 % lead and contain lead came. The metal is treated to achieve a dark black look.


Glass is a unique material and will vary in texture and composition. I choose each piece with care to ensure that you'll get an interesting piece of glass although it may differ slightly from pictured.


SIZE 5 inches large by 6 inches high

Comes with a 7 inches black waxed cotton thread


Snow top mountain

Out of Stock
    Item is made and ready to ship.
    Please allow 3-5 business days from purchased date. It will ship through Canada Post and you will be notified via email.

    Because preserving the environment is important to me, I use recycled or reused packaging to ship my product whenever possible. Fear not, the piece will reach you in an aesthetically pleasing package.

  • To hang your piece safely I recommend using either a nail or a hook (eye or cup). I don't recommend suction cups as they tend to loosen after some time. Always handle your new piece with both hands.


    To take care of your piece simply use a soft microfibre rag to clean and to give your piece a new shine. Don't use any glass cleaners that contain ammonia. Always handle your piece with care with both hands. If your new piece has solder lines, please wash your hands after handling it as it contains lead (only dangerous when ingested).

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