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Inspired by my stained glass pieces, this sticker is a suncatcher that will reflect sunlight and create beautiful rainbows in your house! It features shapes and the phrase "Life is better in colour".


Stick it to your house windows, car sunroof or even office windows! Anywhere you want rainbows!

Size is 3 1/2" wide x 4" tall


For best results, place in a south facing window or the window that gets the most sunlight. Clean the surface before,  peel the decal and start applying with a corner. Then apply a slight pressure all over the sticker to remove air bubbles. If you change your mind,  you can easily remove and reuse it elsewhere.


  • This particular listing is shipping for free. You'll notice it ships without a tracking number. If you wish to have tracking, please send me a message.  

    If you combine this listing with a physical product, it will ship with the actual piece as well as a tracking number. 


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